A very merry un-Graduation weekend.


To admit that this week has been tough, would be an understatement. My social media pages, primarily Facebook and Instagram have been an explosion of black gowns and caps. I cannot express how overjoyed and proud I am of and for my peers who graduated this weekend. But seeing the success of it all, the postings about new jobs in big cities with fun new apartments made me question for the first time since leaving Indiana University, if I had made the right decision in doing so…


I know in my heart that that is a ridiculous question for me to even entertain. I had no direction in college. I have always known I had a heart for missions and for the people who are suffering in this World, even when I was not walking with the Lord. I remember on so many occasions asking my trainer Katy, “why do I even need this education?! I just want to be in Africa helping the orphan babies!” and not much has really changed, that is still the desire of my heart. But that is not why I left college. I was an athlete-student, which is backwards. You are supposed to be in college to be a student and few will get the privilege to be an athlete at the same time. All I wanted to do was row, and after four major changes I settled on the one that seemed most connected to my rowing and that was kineseology. Had I carried on with that major until today, until this graduation would I be very fulfilled? Would I have any more direction in my life than I did two years ago? Probably not.


Whilst I didn’t wear a gown this weekend and I didn’t get to throw my cap and receive my diploma I have to remember that that does not mean my education isn’t something worth celebrating. My education didn’t end the day I boarded a plane to Hawaii, it simply shifted. Out of the classroom and often with no professor, I began to learn in a whole new hands on way. So while I may not be as hirable as some of my brilliant friends. I have received such a beautiful education here at Surfing the Nations. And to that I throw my cap.


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  1. Ahh, Katie, I so can understand how you feel, you put it so beautifully! I think it is so easy for all of us to worship the “education” god that our society has created. You chose to worship the real living God over the that and you might not wear a stupid looking hat right now, but your crown in heaven will be magnificent! I could not be more proud of your choice to go to STN. When the going got tough, you chose the right way. Love you!!! Auntie Karen

  2. I tried to help find the “helping babies in Africa” major, but it wasn’t listed on the IU website… Still proud of you!

  3. Hey, you didn’t miss out on anything amazing. You are living an amazing life out on that island and I am so proud of you! You have grown so much through this experience that not one of your peers has been lucky enough to experience! You’re the best Katie!

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